Taking Care of Your Car's Transmission

by Tom on October 9, 2013 0 Comments

It is likely you already are already aware that the automatic transmission of your automobile is among the most crucial elements that helps your vehicle go anywhere. And something as elaborate as that needs accurate servicing to facilitate it to persist for the long run. Automatic transmissions are a tad bit more elaborate versus its manual equivalents so it requires a bit more servicing than one might expect. That's why you need routine transmission flushes, and you can find coupons for transmission flushes here.

As you must already know automatics rely heavily on transmission fluid with the intention to keep it operating strong. The fluid is necessary considering it lubricates and cools the multiple parts that reside within the car which is why essential that you have that fluid at a fairly good regularity. Used, grimy fluid could cause a handful of issues which includes slipping gears, decrease in ...

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The Basics of the Car's Transmission

by Tom on October 9, 2013 0 Comments

The transmission of an automatic motor vehicle may be very well the most elaborate as well as one of the most crucial elements of a car, which is why repair can be so costly. The key purpose of the automatic transmission is simply to allow the car engine to attain various velocities with support of the torque converter (fluid coupling that joins the car engine to the transmission and uses transmission fluid for fluid pressure) in order to make acceleration in addition to adjusting gears automatic. Compared with the switching gears of a manual an automatic alters gear ranges without the need of the owner. Without this integral part the energy of the engine would not have the capability to keep the wheels rotating effectively rendering a car useless for a method of transportation.

The automatic transmission was built in 1921 by Alfred Horner Munro of Canada and after that ...

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